Sell your pre-loved furniture and make a difference

Earn money and make a positive impact. Coming soon to Dammam

Why collaborate with Mustadam?

Fast and easy

We provide the fastest and easiest way to sell. We review furniture within hours and collect within days.

Zero hassle

We take care of everything - pick up, storage, and sale. Sit back and relax while we sell your furniture to the right buyer.

Honest payments

Sell for the highest price. Get paid the same day, with no hidden fees or commissions.

The shop that your furniture deserves

We are a new player in town unlike the others. We are creating a collection of treasures and will be the most attractive new store in town. Come sell with us and get the best value and service

How does collaboration work

In order to provide the most value to buyers and sellers, we need to set some ground rules with furniture we accept. As we grow and get better, we will slow start to expand our possible product range.

Furniture Category:
We only accept furniture items and some large decorations. We do not accept:

  • household accessories
  • products that can be unhygienic (e.g. Mattresses)
  • electronics (TVs, lamps, appliances)

Item Quality / Value

We want your treasures! Mustadam provides its buyers with an exciting assortment of unique and interesting items. We do not accept items that have a resale value under SAR 400.

Item Condition

If the quality is good, we will almost always accept items that are ‘like new’ or in ‘excellent condition’. Items that have minor signs of wear or damage will be reviewed and accepted on a case by case basis if we think we can make it look great again!

Item Materials

We are initially prioritising high quality and durable materials. We will normally not accept very fragile materials, e.g. glass, porcelain, large & weak structures. We will prioritise solid furniture (i.e. pre-assembled) vs flat pack furniture (i.e. assembly required). We love flat pack furniture but will only take it if we can take it from your house without major disassembly.

Mustadam's team will review all items that are submitted to the platform. We will read the descriptions in detail and we will look at the pictures. Please provide as much details as you can to help us with our process!

Our final decision will be based on a combination of factors including the quality of the item, the materials, and the condition.

The higher the quality and the better the condition, the more likely we will take it. We will consider refurbishing items on a case by case basis, depending if our refurbishers think they can make your item look new and great again.

Some items and materials are easier to refurbish. For instance wood work can be fixed, varnished, sanded, painted, decorated and look great again. But some items would require so much work that it would be too expensive to fix - for example re-upholstering a whole sofa because of some stains that can't be removed.

Our refurbishers will review and if we believe we can make an item in bad condition look great without too much cost, we will consider it!

Mustadam operates on a consignment model (aka revenue sharing). This mean that we will pay you once your item has been successfully sold.

Mustadam has two separate service models that you can select to you.

  1. Sell from our showroom: Mustadam charges a 30% commission. We will collect, clean, treat, and store your item until it is sold
  2. Sell from your home: Mustadam will charge a 15% commission. We will help you create a great listing in our catalogue, find a buyer, and organise logistics.

Mustadam will transfer you your proceeds the moment we have received the funds from the buyer.

Mustadam will also provide you with the chance to donate a portion of your proceeds to various impact projects and charities.

We will work with you to choose the optimal selling price. On the submission form there will be a box for you to share the original price and your desired price.

Buyers will expect items to be at a big discount compared to new.

We have developed a pricing model used by experts. We take into consideration a number of factors including:

  • Original price
  • Quality of the materials & design
  • The type of design (i.e. is it popular)
  • The condition it is in when we receive it
  • The condition it is in when we have treated

We will share the price with you before listing on the platform to get your approval. The price will normally be between 40% and 75% off the original price.

Our objective is to sell the highest proportion of items as we can. We will push a lot of different marketing campaigns to make Mustadam the most attractive place for Unique and Great Quality Furniture.

All items will follow a 2 months sales cycle with gradual price reductions & promotions. After 2 months, a number of discounts, a number of promotions, you will have the following 2 choices:

  • Donate the furniture to one our amazing charity partners (see list here)
  • Pay to have the furniture item returned to your home

By using our platform and reselling your furniture you are creating environmental and social impact!

Did you know that the average sofa takes 90kg of CO2 to manufacture? Mustadam will track and measure all furniture that has been recirculated and prevented from landfill.

We are enabling users to donate a portion of their profits with each sale to one of our charity partners.

We will also reinvest all our profits in improving our service and integrating a number of impact models that support local communities, such as training people to become furniture designers & refurbishers, or subsidising the collection and refubishment of items that can be donated to charities, and more.

Ready to collaborate ?