Sofa Set of 6 with Distinctive Modern Design

SAR 2,000.00

A complete velvet living room set with a distinctive modern design and luxurious color, with a service table.

This set consists of more than one piece that can be separated or installed together:

Sofa set:
Offer 375
Depth 85
Height 66

Circular chair:
Height 37
Depth 85

Single set:
Offer 200
Depth 85
Height 20

The sofa is in excellent condition, but it is a little dirty and the table has damage.

1 in stock

لونبني , متعدد الألوان , أرجواني
مادةالخشب – صلب

Additional information

لونبني , متعدد الألوان , أرجواني
مادةالخشب – صلب

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