Olive Green with Saudi Patterns Floor Sofa Set of 9

SAR 2,900.00

The Floor Sofa Set in Olive Green with Saudi Patterns is a cultural masterpiece that seamlessly blends comfort and tradition. This unique piece of furniture pays homage to the rich heritage of Saudi Arabia, marrying the elegance of olive green upholstery with intricate Saudi patterns. It has some signs of use.

Sold as a set of nine (Can be arranged in diffrent ways)

Big sofa:
Height 75 cm
Depth 77 cm
Width 414 cm

Medium sofa:
Height 76 cm
Depth 75 cm
Width 400 cm

Small sofa:
Height 77 cm
Depth 75 cm
Width 377 cm

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SKU: MU_997313601
لونذهب , أخضر


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لونذهب , أخضر


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